Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This baby is always making me laugh with the high jinks she gets herself into. She's always up to something!

A whole refrigerator full of fascinating things to play with, but of course she goes for the wine!

And here's what she does when I take away the forbidden item...

Listen for the happy noise at the end when I give her the camera!

Papa got a new job

Tim got a new job, and we're so proud of him!!

He started during his new company's holiday crunch time though, so he's been working very long hours. Lucy's been asleep every night when he gets home. I can tell that she misses him a lot. Last night she sat straight up, wide awake, when she heard him get in bed. She climbed over me (stepping on my eye like it was nothing, of course) and jumped on him. She even sang him a baby-coo song about how happy she was to see him.

Today we were able to video chat with Daddy. Lucy loved it, but I think Tim loved it more.

So what have we been doing on these very long winter days without Tim?

I've been putting Lucy to sleep for her morning naps in our new wrap. This wrap must be woven from magic sleep dust. Lucy wasn't able to fall asleep while I'm wearing her around the house until we got this. It's so sweet to snuggle her against me, rock her while looking out the window, and sing lullabies while she breastfeeds to sleep.

We've been playing dress up and taking ridiculous pictures of ourselves in the mirror. I need a 15 year old to teach me how to take better mirror photos!

We had lunch with a mama friend who lives in our building today. She made autumn minestrone soup and brownies! Lucy had her first pear, and actually liked it. So far she's only liked broccoli, onion (doesn't take after her Grammi I guess!) and the pear. Lucy's really not too big on solids yet, she'd rather just eat breastmilk and paper.

We've also been taking long Christmas walks in the late afternoons. It helps get me through the home stretch when Tim used to be home to help with Lucy before she goes to sleep. Lucy and I go out when it gets dark and walk through the neighborhood. We stop to look at all the Christmas trees and decorated store windows. Lucy especially loves the flickering LED trees--she watches them for whole minutes yelling "oooh! eeeee!" Today we window shopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and took this distracting and rather unflattering photo. (I really do need self portrait lessons!)

This polar bear is finally sleeping. All that Christmas sparkle tuckered her out!

Lucy learned how to dance!

Lucy danced for the first time last week. We were listening to Christmas music (and have been every day since October! I'm glad she's too young to judge me...) and this song got her moving. She started out with the normal baby booty bounce, and then switched to toe tapping. I've never seen a baby dance like that! Aaaaah I love her.