Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lucy is walking!

I guess I should finally post this, huh?

Here Lucy is, right before she turned 10 months old.

And just two weeks later!

It surprised me that Lucy went from taking a few steps and toppling over, to walking all over the apartment, in just a few weeks. Oh god, does this mean she's a toddler and not a baby?

I remember thinking, months ago, that it would be so eerie to see my floor-bound baby get up on two legs and take off walking. But it feels...natural, I guess. She looks just like herself, just walking. It's hard for me to even remember when she couldn't walk.

I've been thinking lately that the first year with a baby is kind of like a time warp. It does go so fast! Lucy evolves so quickly that it seems like she's been at whatever stage she's currently in's hard for me to even remember what she was like before. I remember her crawling, but before that? She must have been stuck wherever I put her, but I just can't picture it! It's just that Lucy seems so HERSELF right now, that her current self replaces her younger self in my mind. I'm surprised by this, I thought I would remember everything! And that makes me sad. I want to remember every single second. I have thousands of pictures and hours of video, but I find myself thinking, "Should I be writing down sweet things that Lucy does? Making audio recordings of her voice, her singing, her babbling? Should I be writing Lucy monthly letters? Making A Day in the Life, 10 months photo collages?" I know this year will be one of the most precious ones of my life, and I wish I could preserve the whole thing in a snow globe and keep it forever.


  1. Such a sweet post. I know how you feel! I always wish I had been doing more "memory preservation" kinds of things, but there are not enough hours in the day to fully record the sweetness and magic of the early years. Instead, I've been trying to be as present as possible so that I can be fully alive in the moments I have day-to-day with them. I realize my memory will only hold so much, but I hope my heart will carry the joy and love they give to me. Love you!

  2. i've been wondering what you guys have been up to! lucy is so unbearably cute with her walking. look at her go!

    and i totally feel you -- i actually just blogged about that "water slipping out of my hands" feeling the other day (on livejournal. i am so bad about updating my blogspot blog).

    hope to see you guys soon!