Sunday, July 26, 2009

Less trash, less chemicals, less fussing

We started doing elimination communication! I'd been thinking about doing it since Lucy was born, but it was just too much to handle. Now that life with a baby is getting more manageable, I figured it was a good time to try it out. So I got a baby potty, put Lucy on it, and she peed! While giggling and laughing!

Tim likes EC too, because he doesn't trust the chemicals in disposable diapers. Plus he just thinks poop is funny.

Now that we're going through less diapers, I decided to take the plunge and transition towards cloth diapering. I was scared before, since we don't have laundry in the building, but hand washing really hasn't been that bad. And the diapers were super cheap--I just cut up some old sheets and some thrift store nightgowns, and we tie them on her. Easy! And aaaaaaaah! So cute! I think plaids and stripes are much more "her" than the pastel Disney characters on the disposable diapers.

Don't worry, I've gotten much better at tying them on since that one.


Somebody stop me, I can't stop uploading pictures of my baby's butt in rainbow plaids! Ok one more.

Another thing we've been trying to do is give Lucy more air baths. It's supposed to be great for babies. And Lucy loves naked time! Well, usually...

Naked time
+ Learning to roll over
Giraffes in uncomfortable places

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  1. They are so pretty! Good job you industrious mama!