Saturday, November 21, 2009

Field Trip!

My friend from high school, Maureen, was in town this week. So we took a field trip to the Met. I was surprised at how quickly Lucy took to Maureen...usually she's wary of people she doesn't know touching her. But Lucy gladly let Maureen hold her while she grabbed at Maureen's necklace and coat buttons. She even let Maureen play with her while I went to the bathroom, out of her sight! Maureen has a special kind of baby magic, and she'll be a beautiful mom someday.

Here Lucy and I are in an Assyrian temple. We were exploring the Central Asian gallery, on the hunt for art from Kazakhstan. We didn't find any Arts of My Baby's Peoples, but we did find an elderly European man who shook Lucy's hands while crowing, "I have found the most beautiful work of art in the whole museum!"

I was, of course, on the lookout for anything boobs related. (I really have turned into my mom!) There were many boobsy artifacts to choose from, but this was my favorite. I want my own boobs jars! (Jugs? Ha!) I loved the wooden figures in the Arts of Africa gallery. The women's breasts were shaped almost like faucets. Breastfeeding has certainly given me a newfound fascination with breasts!

I let Lucy down from the carrier so she could stretch her legs and explore the museum on her own terms. She couldn't see much art from there, but she did notice her shadow for the first time. As she crawled towards it, it crawled away from her, until she pinned it against the wall with her forehead.

Lucy was the only baby loose in the museum. She charmed all the visitors, especially an older lady with a walker that Lucy tried to pounce on. One man walked past her and laughed, "Starting her young, good for you!" I thought it was a riot to walk around the exhibits with Maureen, while Lucy followed a few feet behind. Now that she's mobile she can participate in our lives on a new level, and I adore it.

I'm beginning to get a glimpse of what having Lucy as a daughter will be like as she gets older. One mom I know, whose daughter is 3, said that she doesn't feel like a mom. Instead she feels like she has a tiny friend, a silly little playmate to skip through life and make glitter paintings with. I can't wait for that. I see it sometimes when Lucy clowns around, trying to make me laugh by smashing her face against mine or diving around in bed. I love Lucy at this age, but I still can't wait to see her at 2, and 3, and really every age forever. I just can't wait to watch her as she grows up and becomes more and more her.


  1. I can't wait till the next time we get to see her (and you and Tim). That smile in the very last picture is pretty great.

    Also, Jugs! lolz

  2. Turning into your mom? Egads!

    Maybe someone should make a bumper sticker:
    Breasts are the fountain of life.

    There's nothing like watching your babies become more and more "them." It's an honor, a blessing, and a joy like no other~~through all their ages and stages. . .forever.

    love you!