Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh blog, you make me feel guilty

I know I should post more, but I'm busy mothering! I feel so guilty for not recording every single moment of every day. Lucy's babyhood is passing us by so quickly. That's what everyone says, right? "It goes by so quickly!" What they don't tell you is how much that hurts! She's growing up so fast, and it's heartbreaking. Can you tell by my level of introspection that Lucy has been asleep for hours now? It's nice when she gives me a long enough break that I can start to miss her, and reflect on my life with her...

Here's what we've been up to...Lucy and I went back to St. Louis to visit my family. It was a great visit, and while we were there Lucy learned how to pull herself up to standing! She was so cute at first--wobbly in the middle like she was hula hooping. Now she's standing up for most of the day, so she's very stable. It's so different so see my baby upright! She can crawl really fast now too. There should be a word for "crawl running," right? Lucy crawl runs across the room whenever she sees something exciting, and it's adorable. She's cruising around the furniture, too.

Tim's parents came for a visit. Last time they were here, Lucy just cried or looked around. Now she's making faces, laughing, zooming around the room, and playing games. And speaking of games, Christmas came early here! Lucy has a ton of new toys to keep her entertained and help her learn Russian. She thinks the Russian books are so so funny, every time she opens one she cracks up. Her sense of humor is really developing! Making Lucy laugh is the sweetest thing in the world.

It's been so long, and I have so many new pictures! It's so hard to choose just a few, but I'll try:


Not happy!


  1. so good to see you! i still want to hang out sometime! you'll see why i've been mia if you look at one of my recent entries.... :)

    i'm trying to be better about updating my blogspot blog...i tend to always only update my friends-only lj one because i know people are reading it and i don't think i have many readers here! so silly. ha!

  2. Hi Kathy -

    I am sorry to post this here, but I am so un-adept at figuring out how to contact people online! A while back you posted in a La Leche forum about exercises to be done after a tongue-tie frenectomy? I just had my son's done Friday but did not receive any instructions about exercises. He is 11 weeks today. If you still had those or could describe them I would really appreciate it! I'm at


    PS - Lucy is soo cute!