Thursday, July 22, 2010

My 28th Birthday

Celebrating my 1st birthday with Mom.

I turned 28 yesterday. It was my favorite kind of birthday...mellow and relaxing, with a few festive touches, family to celebrate with, and cake!

Lucy and I played on the playground in the morning, and then took a nap together. I finished a novel before dozing off with her. I love the gentle rhythms that our days seem to have now...we make meals together, run around on the playground together, do errands together, take naps together, and of course nurse, nurse, nurse. The days just seem to flow so gently (well, between tantrums!) and I cherish them so much.

Then when Tim and Karima got home from work, we got ready for dinner. Lucy helped me cut the strawberries.

While I put Lucy to sleep, I read the new Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which was a birthday present from my mom. It was beautiful to read about the joys of nursing with my baby curled against me, mouth on my breast, little hand resting on my other breast.

When Lucy was asleep, we had a light, summer-y dinner, followed by my first attempt at veganizing one of my favorite childhood birthday cake recipes. My parents sang Happy Birthday on speakerphone with Tim, and I made two secret birthday wishes.

I guess I'll tell you when I turn 29 if they came true this year!

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  1. Hugs!

    That picture of you and mom makes me really happy. :)