Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Becoming happy...Update

So far, my becoming happy efforts are really paying off.

One of my goals is finding other parent friends. I joined a local new moms group, and I hope that Lucy and I can go to their Walk in the Park meeting on Thursday. And today Lucy and I braved the subway alone for the first time, so we could go to the Attachment Parenting meeting in Manhattan.

It wasn't too bad! Lucy was awake on the ride to Manhattan, but she just looked around quietly and blinked at everyone. She slept the whole ride home. It was empowering to realize that we did ok...maybe now we won't always be stuck in Astoria!

The meeting was great. Oh wow, was it great. It was small, only 5 or 6 moms and their kids, but that made it cozy and intimate. We talked about various mamaing dilemmas we have. I brought up feeling guilty about going to the gym, because I know Lucy will likely have a melt down while I'm gone. The other mamas had some smart ideas that I'll definitely try. And the kids at the meeting were adorable. One little girl kept talking and singing to Lucy--it was cool that she treated her like a real little person, not just like a doll. And when I laid down to breastfeed Lucy, the girl laid down on the other side of her and petted her hair. Awwwww. After the meeting (which was in a sling store), the store owner gave me a lot of advice about how I can wear Lucy on my back. Babyhawk, here I come!

Speaking of going to the gym, I went to the gym again. Tim said that Lucy did really well up until a few minutes before I got home. She was still screaming when I walked in the door, but at least she was easier to calm down this time.

I decided that my new hobby is going to be learning Spanish. I joined this site called Live Mocha, which is kind of a combination of Rosetta Stone and Myspace. So far it's a lot of fun. I'm still kind of thinking about getting a job, or going back to school. We'll see with that I guess.

And things with Tim are going well. He's been taking Lucy in the mornings, so I get to sleep in a little. They bring me breakfast in bed every day! We've been disco dancing more, taking more walks together, and just having more fun. That's my favorite thing about our relationship, how much silly fun we have. We lost some of that when Lucy was born, but it's coming back! Get ready for a blog dance challenge, ya'll!

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