Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday at the Met

I'm surprised to say that having a baby is actually helping me get out of the house these days. Tim has always been the kind of New Yorker who wants to, you know, SEE New York on the weekends. He wants to go to museums, parks, concerts, that sort of thing. I'm the kind of New Yorker who wants to sleep until 4 pm on the weekends, and then eat junk food in the apartment until it's time to go to sleep again. Now Lucy Loo wakes us up early on the weekends, so we've been getting out the door at a reasonable hour and enjoying the city.

On Saturday, we headed to Manhattan to the only place I seem to go lately--the sling store! I really wanted to have the ladies there show me how to carry Lucy on my back. It didn't work as well as I hoped...she's not quite big enough yet to be comfortable on my back. She's close though. The lady who helped us was showing me how to swing Lucy over my shoulder and onto my back, and she demonstrated on herself with Lucy. Afterward, she said that it's obvious that Lucy is a "worn baby" because she laid so calmly on her back. I liked that. I like that there's something in Lucy that shows that we wear her all the time, since that's such an important part of our parenting philosophy. Anyway...I got a new baby carrier called a Baby Hawk. It's beautiful! Tim says that when Lucy is in it, she looks like a birthday present. I'll put pictures up soon! It's cooler to wear, so I imagine that Lucy will be more comfortable in it as the weather heats up. It's also good for back carries, which I'm hoping Lucy will be able to do soon.

We left the sling store and realized that it was still early, and we were right next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So we showed Lucy some art.

And some more art.

And we breastfed.

This is the classiest place I've ever nursed in public. We are fancy ladies, us two.

I'm happy that as long as we're living here, Lucy is getting to take advantage of some of the unique things New York has to offer. Not that she'll remember, but when she gets big we can always tell her that she breastfed among Greek sculptures at the Met.

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  1. Such pretty pictures! It's funny how having the babies forces people into early rising. Five years in, I feel like I'm fully converted, though I dream of the days of sleeping in someday!