Monday, June 8, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Lucy and I stayed in St. Louis just long enough for her to meet Mike and Kali.

She really liked them!

She likes Jen, too. Aw man, it was so hard to leave, look how much fun she has here!

Here's Grammi with Lucy right before we left for the airport. She's exhausted from all the packing I made her do.

And we were off!

The flight back was nowhere near as easy as the flight here. Lucy had a meltdown right before we got on the plane. I had to walk down the aisle of a packed flight, all the way down to the back row, with a screaming baby in my arms. Great. Can you imagine the looks we got? And the guy we sat next to was so weird. He kept trying to annex the armrest and part of our seat (you know how guys are) which meant he was smooshing himself right up against me as I breastfed. Thanks, guy. Luckily Lucy didn't cry too too much on the flight itself.

Yep, back in beautiful New York!

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