Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lucy + Mama = Total BFF

Lucy and I have a nice time together. She's been so much more interactive lately. It warms my heart knowing that I'm her best friend.

Mornings are her favorite time to play. She's a laughing, adorable riot!

Sometimes we like to get dressed up. This is us in our fancy clothes at a fancy party. I'm having wine and cookies for lunch. Lucy's having breastmilk.

Wow, I can't believe this worked. Lucy let us sit down at our Eurotrashy cafe and have coffee and dessert! She mostly slept, while I tried (unsuccessfully) to not drop nutella crepe all over her head.

Tim loves this picture because he says Lucy looks like she's in a cocoon. I love it, too, because it reminds me of why I love babywearing. It just feels so right. Like, deep in my mama soul. Her tiny little face looks so sweet and peaceful, doesn't it? Sure, I could put her in a car seat and take her to a cafe, but it just wouldn't feel as lovely.


  1. The top picture of Lucy + Mama=BFF makes my heart sing. Send me a copy!

  2. I just found your blog via the boards. I love your pictures! I wish I had been bolder about NIP when my son Nicholas (7 months) was younger. Instead I used a cover, and now the cover causes problems -- he plays with it and yanks it around and doesn't focus on nursing -- so I end up forgoing it, but he's not used to nursing without it, so he keeps popping off, which gives everyone quite a show (I'm large-breasted and it's hard to keep everything hidden/contained).

    Anyway, I did use my Moby wrap and Baby Balboa sling from the beginning, and wore him everywhere -- we don't even have an infant car seat, aka "baby bucket" (he went straight into a convertible seat). I miss those days when he was so small and sleepy and snuggly in the Moby!