Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooray, we went to the playground!

On Friday, Lucy and I went to our neighborhood playground with Elizabeth and Judah. I'd walked past before, but never stopped in. I didn't realize it would be such a hot bed of potential mama friends! Well that might be overstating it, but there was a mom of a 15ish month little boy who mentioned in passing that she also wore her son in a wrap, and they loved it. Look out lady, because next time I see you, I'm friend-hitting on you!

It was really sweet...I wore Lucy in the Moby, and when she woke up, I sat on a bench and breastfed her. There was a little old lady there with her grandkids. I'm guessing she was Tibetan. She was wizened, toothless, and wearing the most regal outfit I've ever EVER seen in New York. She was splendid. Like this lady, but fancier.

Tibetan Grandmama looked approvingly at Lucy in the Moby, and when I started breastfeeding, she nodded at me. Isn't that wonderful? It made me feel like women of the world have this incredible thing in common, this mothering thing, and it translates so perfectly. And I love that this woman approved of my baby-wearing, breastfeeding-in-public, attachment parenting. Attachment parenting is so instinctive to me, even if it isn't prodominant in our culture. How awesome to see that those instincts can transcend culture!

Speaking of which, I just found this gorgeous slideshow of baby-wearing around the world.

The other adorable story from that day was a 3 year old girl who was fascinated when I breastfed Lucy. She practically climbed up in my lap when I sat down to feed Lucy, and she wanted to stroke Lucy the whole time she was eating. She kept asking me--in Spanish--what the heck Lucy was doing. The girl was convinced that Lucy was come-ing my teta (eating my breast) and I told her (in Spanish, no less!) that no, she was drinking milk from my breast. The little girl didn't believe me though. Her mom giggled along with me, and said that the girl had never seen breastfeeding. Aww, I'm the breastfeeding ambassador to tiny girls!

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