Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooray, we went to the zoo!

I went with them.

To see these.

Well, and snow leopards, and funny tropical birds, and monkeys. But sadly, no chinchilla-like anythings. Those are always our favorite animals to look at in the zoo.

Don't you just love quotes from books when they appear exactly where they belong in real life? When I was working at a bookstore in high school, I got to dress up in a Wild Thing costume and be the Wild Thing at story time. It was sweet. We had a Wild Rumpus, did the hokey pokey, and my mom came to watch me. I should get this book for Lucy.

And of course, Lucy and I breastfed. It's what we do.

Here's my cute story from the zoo...While I was changing Lucy in the bathoom, I heard a little girl say to her mom, in German, "A little little baby!" I smiled at her and said, "Yeah, a little little LITTLE baby!" She asked me how old Lucy is, and her name, and I told her. Then the mom said something super fast in German...Oops! My German definitely isn't THAT good anymore. It turns out she was asking how Lucy got all her hair. And she said my German seemed so good that she thought I was German! Well, at least until I couldn't understand her!

So that means that in one weekend, I had conversations with two little girls, in two languages I barely speak. Holy gajumpins, I should call Grandpa HoHo to tell him. I think he would really appreciate that! I guess that's a point for living in New York City. This wouldn't have happened (not in one weekend at least) in St. Louis. Plus, when we were at the zoo, it seemed like practically every Asian family we saw was an Asian and white family. That's another point for New York. I do wonder if it would be easier for Lucy to grow up as a biracial girl in NYC than in St. Louis. Any thoughts?


  1. Yay zoo trip! :)

    As to the STL vs NY thing...that makes sense to me...

  2. Hey Kathy, it's Colleen Hogan. I love reading your blog! Lucy is adorable and it's fun to read about all your adventures. I think that when we were younger, there weren't a lot of biracial children/families in the areas of St. Louis that we grew up in, but now, as a teacher of young children in Unversity City, I would say that about half of the children I teach are biracial. There are one or two families in my room each year that are Asian/White and it seems about the same across the school. So, obviously not the same level of diversity as NYC, but a better environment than it used to be!

  3. I love your stories about talking to the little girls!