Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Games

Lucy is waking up! She's settled herself into a daily schedule, and that schedule now includes time when she's awake and wants to play.

She likes to watch her giraffe from Great GranE that plays Brahm's Lullaby. I can sing it to her in German, but I don't think I've ever heard the lyrics in English.

Aww, I just found an English version and it's so sweet! I'll just take out the creepy angel part.
Lullaby and good night, thy mother's delight
Bright angels beside my darling abide
They will guard thee at rest, thou shalt wake on my breast
They will guard thee at rest, thou shalt wake on my breast

Today was the first time I've read to her while we're laying on the bed--just like we did for story time when I was little!

Of course, Lucy's favorite pastime is still nursing! We started calling it having a love snack.

Mama got to play mama games today, too! I went out to lunch at the corner diner with my mama friend from the neighborhood, and one of her mama friends. It was cute--they parked their strollers at the table and the six of us giggled for hours. Well, the mamas and the little boys giggled; Lucy just slept in her Moby. I love spending time with other moms. They understand.

Now that I know how to put the Moby on around Lucy, it's been much easier to get out of the house. We've been going for walks every day, even in the rain. It's really helping me feel like me again. I was going nuts spending every day just talking to a baby and pacing these two rooms! And as an added bonus...walking in the Moby always puts Lucy to sleep!

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