Monday, May 18, 2009

Yelling yelling!!

Lucy did not have a happy day.

But I did! After a failed attempt last night--Lucy cried really loudly at the store, I didn't want to be THAT GIRL with THAT BABY so we left--Mom, Lucy, and I finally managed to go clothes shopping! I had been at the point where anytime I needed to go somewhere, I had to try on everything in my closet. It usually ended up with me in tears or throwing clothes on the floor in a fit of rage. Nothing fit! Or if it did fit, I couldn't breastfeed in it! And of course, wearing ill-fitting clothes just made me feel worse about my postpartum body. So what a relief to actually have new clothes that fit my new body!


  1. Yep yep yep! New clothes for bigger bodies are SO important! I feel terrible about myself when I put on my old clothes and so much better when I put on something that fits!


  2. Peekture. Mor peeeeekture.