Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hiking around Grammi's House

Grammi and I showed Lucy, Jen, and Reiley the trail that I used to hike on when I was little. It's right behind Grammi's house. The neighborhood is manicured and'd never expect the wilds that grow right behind the matching houses.

There's a retired obstetrician in the neighborhood who spends his time planting trees and grasses back here. He really is a character. Picture an old white guy in basketball shorts, covered in mud, who will talk your ear off whenever you come without shouting distance. When he found out we live in New York, he said, "Oh really? I used to go there for two weeks every year, to take African Dance classes." I'm still working up the nerve to ask him for a demonstration!

Look how tiny Grammi is! She's a little forest fairy!

This always was the best hill for running down. And sledding down! We'll have to come back in the winter so Lucy can try out sledding.

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