Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucy meets my family!

On Mother's Day, Lucy and I flew back to visit my family. Aaaaaaah, I was so scared to travel alone with her! I was terrified to be THAT LADY with THAT BABY on the plane, but she actually slept most of the time and didn't cry that much.

I got to introduce my baby to my family!

The gang's all here!

Changing party!

Ainsley is so sweet with Lucy. She makes silly faces at her, sings her songs, and keeps exclaiming, "All that hair!" When Lucy got a little overwhelmed with all the Ainsley-love, Kevin told her, "Don't worry, Lucy, she's a happy monster." She sure is!

Blond, blond, black! Tim jokes that Lucy is Reiley's evil doppelganger, because they look so similar except for their coloring.

Everyone wanted a chance to hold Lucy on their laps. We joked that even Sawyer is big enough to try!

And so he did. Here's a blurry, but hysterical picture of him munching on her fingers.

Baby games! Won't it be fun for them to have a cousin just four months apart?

Grammi got this gorgeous Moses basket for Lucy to nap in while she's here. Our apartment at home is small enough that I can always hear Lucy, no matter which room I'm in. But here, it's easier to keep her near me so I'll be sure to hear her little sleeping squeaks and baby calls.

Ainsley and Reiley (our resident Bible scholars) have been playing Baby Moses every day. Ainsley is Moses, Reiley is the big sister, Miriam, Jen is Moses's mom, Yochabed, and I'm the Princess.

It's just so pretty here. I feel relaxed for the first time since Lucy was born. Can we please move here?


  1. Aw jeez. Wish I was there for what looks like a lot of fun :)

  2. Sawyer looks like he's going to EAT Lucy in the last picture:-). He's a lot of man to love!

  3. Great pictures that have captured great moments! All the kids are so cute and they are definitely having a ball, including our Lady Baby.