Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Weekend

Here's what we did this weekend...

We got professional newborn portraits taken by Sarah Tew, the talented photographer who did our maternity photos. She was actually on call to photograph Lucy's birth, but ended up being at our friends' home birth instead! You can see more of the newborn photos here, and the maternity photos here. Let me warn you though, don't look at the maternity photos if you're not interested in seeing me naked!

Lucy's hair is ridiculously adorable in all the pictures!

We were feeling brave, so we took the train home from Sarah's studio. It was Lucy's first time on the train! I'm not sure if I'm confident enough yet to attempt this alone.

I'm thinking of starting elimination communication with Lucy. I'm not too committed to it yet; I just like the idea of using less diapers! We'll see how it works, I guess.

Apashka and Atashka brought some precious baby girl clothes for Lucy. She's still too small for most of the clothes, but the hat already fits.

We think it makes her look like a baby in a fairy tale!

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  1. hey, we do ec...started at around four months, which i think was a perfect time. wren is now 17 months old and poops on the potty about 95% of the time and pees about 75% of the time. it's pretty excellent!