Friday, May 1, 2009

A yay day!

Today was so much better than yesterday. In the morning, I bounced Lucy to sleep after a crying jag. Then I figured out how to tie the Moby wrap on around her. This is big--up until now, I had to tie the thing on (and it's SUPER complicated, like 18 feet long or something ridiculous like that) and then try to get Lucy in. It seems that Lucy likes BEING in the Moby and the Hotsling, but not GETTING in them. So this is awesome, I can wait for her to fall asleep on me and then put in on around her! And better yet, we can even breastfeed like this!

I'm extra excited about this because it means I finally found a comfortable way to wear Lucy around the house for extended periods. I'll be able to use two hands again! And breastfeed at the same time! Just imagine what I'll be able to get done!

(Quick, what's my favorite color?)

Later today, our friends from home birth class (and fellow MDC mama!) came over. Their baby and Lucy have the same birthday, and they even look alike with their long, dark hair and gorgeous brown eyes.

We bounced our crying babies, breastfed, and changed diapers while we talked about life with new babies. It soothed my soul to be with a mama who understands! In real life! I really need to build a better real-life mama community here, I need a village to help me raise a Lucy.

Ok, I should really just make a separate blog of Foods I Can Eat While Breastfeeding.

Today's highlights include...

Garlic knots!

Veggie burger!

I'm getting much better at not getting food on Lucy. Although I should probably admit that while brushing my teeth today, I spit a little toothpaste on her head. Hey, at least I managed to brush my teeth!


  1. "Although I should probably admit that while brushing my teeth today, I spit a little toothpaste on her head."

    lol :D

    Congrats on learning to get the wrap on around her! :)

  2. ah, babywearing is such a lifesaver!!

    i totally understand the wanting a village around your child. i am lucky enough to have lots of support from my family and a huge extended family in nyc to boot, but i definitely desire mama-friendships too (none of my friends are at the having-kids stage yet). i also cultivated some friendships on mdc but that playgroup sadly disbanded...